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FAA Description and Mission


“The Federation of Agricultural Associations” was founded on December 29, 2001 by the decision of eight agricultural cooperatives, six of which were established with the support of UMCOR Community Association Project (CAP), one- by USDA, and one – by Gringrowyan Program as a Union of Legal Entities (ULE) on free-will membership.

The Federation started with eight cooperatives. Nowadays FAA ULE has twenty-two Member Farmer Organizations (FO) and two FOs in process of registration. The current total number of direct beneficiaries is about 1,400 farmers by 2012, but planned to be increased up to 2,100 farmers .


FAA’s Mission

The Mission of FAA is being a viable organization to support the development of member farmer organizations and assist them to solve their common legal, managerial, technical, financial, and social problems in cooperation with farmer organizations in order to contribute to the progress of agriculture of Armenia.


FAA’s Vision

The FAA as a unique structure in the next five years will become a recognized dynamic organization that is able to efficiently provide the integrated social, financial, legal, technical and marketing assistance for its member agricultural organizations.

Just as individual members of Farmers Organization (FO) can benefit from the services provided by the FO, the FOs can accordingly benefit from a federation of similar organizations. The federative system enables the FOs to make decisions outside the community level as well at the same time linking each member FO’s economic activities to the process of agricultural input supplying, agricultural production enlargement, and product marketing. The federative network of member FOs provides valuable services in technical assistance such as technical and managerial trainings, legal, accounting and auditing consultations. At the national level, the FAA can provide a platform to advocate the needs and rights of its member farmers and FOs.


FAA provides several services to its members and implements different functions, such as:

·         Act as a network in which members of farmers’ organizations can meet to: highlight mutual interests and take coordinated action to reach their interests, and exchange information, experiences and ideas. 

·         Keep members informed about international events, news, agricultural and business issues via trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences’ organizations.

·         Promote the creation and strengthening of farmer organizations throughout Armenia.

·         Carry out market research, data collection, analyzing, consulting, management and training implementation.

·         Provide legal assistance to bring and protect concerns and rights of agricultural producers to the attention of government and other bodies.

·         Financing (leasing and crediting) and investing support

·         Assist in supplying inputs and equipment for agricultural production

·         Final product marketing (export opportunities)

·         Contribute in installment of new technologies in agriculture and its overall improvement

·         Promote farmer-to-farmer cooperation for strengthening farmers' organizations to participate in self-help development.


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